Aleia Roses

Aleia Roses’ Red Naomi!

The Aleia Rose has an intens red color, velvety touch, subtle scent and is amazingly beautiful. The Aleia Rose has a long vase life, last in perfect condition up to 12 days and is available in four lengts from 60-90, with a bud height of 5 cm, 3-3 opening stage. The greenhouse is located in the north of Spain and is the largest greenhouse in Europe growing this variety. On 15 hectares, the latest Dutch technology in floriculture and the local climatic are combined, Integrated Pest Management is part of a sustainable production process.



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60, 70, 80, 90

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Aleia Roses

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The Aleia Rose is plays a role in decorating important events from Spain to Holland like during the Goya Awards in Madrid and the premiere of the movie All You Need Is Love in Amsterdam.